Referral Partner

Referral partners help SDIEA by telling us about people who may benefit from our services. These people may be associated with a referral partner organisation, or be a member a sports team, a community group, a social club or school.

While anyone can refer a potential client to SDIEA, our referral partners also work with SDIEA to help the wider community understand our goals and operations.

Our current referral partners come from education, allied health, community support, policing and legal services, along with sporting and community groups across the southern downs.

They are our champions and give us a chance to support to community members who may not know how to access our services. As a referral partner, we keep you up to date with changes to program or eligibility requirements, let you know about potential funding opportunities, and link SDIEA clients with your services.

Referral Partners are key to the accessibility function of not just SDIEA, but to community services across our region. By becoming a referral partner, you work with SDIEA to ensure people on the southern downs have access to programs and funding that improve their lives.

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