Advocacy Partnerships and Funding Partnerships

SDIEA is dedicated to making a real difference to the lives of people on the southern downs and creating real opportunity to be part of the community.

Becoming an advocacy partner means speaking with to local government and industry for policy and legislation change, improved accessibility to alternative skills and education training, and seeking funding for education and skills training for Southern Downs community members.

SDIEA Funding Partners fund SDIEA organisational activities, and projects, and are more than just financial supporters; offering valuable advice and guidance along the way.

They are partners in everything we achieve and we are proud that they are part of the SDIEA journey.

Becoming a SDIEA Funding Partner means that you are part of this story and can make a big difference to people within the Southern Downs community.

Advocacy partnerships at SDIEA involve:

  • Raising the profile of SDIEA within the local community
  • Working with the SDIEA board to identify and access alternative funding sources
  • Building capacity within the organisation
  • Advocating for skills training and alternative education for southern downs community members
  • Working with local, state and commonwealth governments to advocate for SDIEA operations

Our relationships with our funding partners are collaborative, cooperative and based on a high level of mutual respect.

As an organisation we appreciate the financial support provided and our success as a community service provider is enabled, supported, and recognised by our partners.

Funding Partnerships at SDIEA can involve:

  • Direct contribution of funds to support our day to day services (Tax deductible)
  • Providing funding to subsidise course fees
  • Purchasing or donating equipment
  • In-kind support
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteering

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