Benefits of Partnering with SDIEA

Do good, feel good.

As business owners and community leaders there is responsibility and opportunity in giving back to your community.

Partnering with a local not for profit education and access organisation, like SDIEA, has a direct impact on real people, in your community. It gives you and your team the chance to make the most of your want to do good to make a stronger impact in the lives of others, and aligning with us underlines your organisations reputation for accountability and integrity.

Since 1999, we have helped over 100 people each year into meaningful work, changing the lives of their families and changing the face of the southern downs region.

Your partnering with SDIEA accomplishes much more than just helping our clients. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of collective impact and develop networked-based approaches for community issues, for the benefit of the whole region.

Partner with us to

  • Have lasting social impact
  • Help solve problems of access and education
  • Impact your local community and economy through job training
  • Make a lasting difference

We understand the practical reasons businesses get involved with charities and can work with you to support a mutually beneficial relationship.

Contact us to see how we can build a partnership.